Paint job bailey brooke

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Mezijas 2 years ago
very beautiful aunty
Nihn 2 years ago
Love the ass ;)
Kasho 2 years ago
Well, Dany's Dothraki hoard is gone. Most of the Unsullied are gone. I'm wondering how many they have left to fight the 20k from the Golden Company Cersei has and whatever she has from the Lannister army. I know Jon and Dany's group has 2 dragons, but it can't be as easy as Dany and Jon burning all of Cersei's army.
Tecage 2 years ago
Can't wait to watch this
Mujinn 2 years ago
I don't believe in good or evil spirits. I believe in that which promotes chaos, and that which promotes order. Chaos is unbridled free will, anarchy with no laws. Some people call this evil, others desire it above all else. Some feel having control over another person in any form is evil. Subjective terms.

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