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Dabei 2 years ago
Anda agregarme h hablamos k soy de cerquita
Kigazilkree 2 years ago
Denisovans worshiped the constellation of Cygnus. Read . (Andrew Collins “The Cygnus Key The Denisovans legacy Göbekli Tepe and the birth of Egypt), also watch.
Kazishakar 2 years ago
Do you think that the person who made the very first globe ever thought that one day some porno starlets on the internet would be popping miniaturised versions of it into their butts?
Kebar 2 years ago
But what the fuck is Youtube Chill however, lol
Faur 2 years ago
If they're hurting so badly, why is De Blasio so happy about reducing fares for the needy ?

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